Bazzel Baz


He’s got an unusual name and an even more unusual vocation. He clandestinely rescues those missing children that authorities can’t find or have given up trying to reunite with their custodial parent. Bazzel Baz has long operated in the shadows since 1991.  He has been dubbed The Patron Saint of Missing Children by journalist Diane Dimond and is the founder of The Association For The Recovery of Children.  The Association for the Recovery of Children (ARC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization comprised of former and active Intelligence, Military, and Law Enforcement personnel, dedicated to the recovery of missing and exploited children, foreign and domestic.  In recent years that has included the fight to stop human trafficking.

Baz is a former CIA officer who takes on the most impossible cases. And he doesn’t charge the heartsick family of the missing a penny. With volunteer help from other retired intelligence officers, Baz travels all over America and the world, covertly getting in and out of countries some of us can’t even pronounce. His goal is getting children back to where they belong. So far, Baz and the boys have a 100% success rate. One of their many successes was aired on Lifetime Television called the Tiffiney Rubin Story…the rescue of Kobe Rubin from Korea.  Another was the return of 7 year old Ashley Ricks to Los Angeles after a 1 ½ kidnapping to Manila Phillipines and most recently a young girl stolen from Iowa and sent to Mexico in danger of being trafficked.

He pays for his rescue missions out of his own pocket using his savings or the money he earns from various consulting jobs as well as donations.  Your donations to the organization are welcomed blessing.