We were shocked by the artistry of young talents, their sincerity and love for playing. The atmosphere of inspiration prevailed at the concert of a unique, in its kind, ensemble of violinists

State Ensemble of violinists of Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) "Virtuosos of Yakutia" is gaining an increasing popularity in Russia and in the world, conquering one creative peak after another. Founded in 1994, the ensemble for 18 years has given over 1,500 concerts. Ensemble performed with instant success in 15 European and Asian countries, including five times in France, twice in Italy and Israel and also at United Kingdom, Austria, Portugal, Hungary, Ukraine, China, Germany, Croatia, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia, having covered the distance from Earth to the moon and back. 

The ensemble consists of 12 violinists. They are the winners of four International Youth Competitions "Violin of the North” in Yakutsk, the open competitions ofyoung violinists of Siberia in Novosibirsk, the International Youth Competition "New Names" in Moscow (2000 and 2008),  international competitions in Cremona (Italy, 2004), Hungary (2005), France (2006), Italy (2007), the International Youth Competition "Tchaikovsky's Homeland" in Izhevsk (2006), All-Russian Delphic Games in Samara (2009) and the International Delphic Games in Yerevan (2010).

The ensemble is absolutely unique. They are the pride of the Russian performance art. Ensemble’s concerts are always a resounding success

Opening for the Virtuosos of Yakutia - Hollywood Youth Orchestra


Founded in 2001, Harmony Project brings quality music instruction to children who otherwise would not have access to it, complements music education with supportive resources, and, fosters a community of families that actively support their children's growth and development.

Harmony Project’s primary goals are to promote the healthy growth and development of children through the study, practice and performance of music, to build healthier communities by investing in the positive development of children through music, and to develop children as musical ambassadors of peace, hope and understanding amongst people of diverse cultures, backgrounds and beliefs.

The flagship Hollywood site runs in partnership with Los Angeles City College, offering students dual enrollment and college credit for participating in the program, which includes playing in one of five large ensembles (bands, orchestras and choir). The Hollywood Youth Orchestra performs standard classical repertoire and includes the most advanced participants from the Hollywood program, as well as a few Harmony Project alumni, and is open to the larger community.