Charles Allen

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Charles leads the Service Delivery team of Priority Communities Division. Priority Communities are those communities over represented as victims, offenders, and in police contacts. Under reporting of crime is also evident in priority communities. Victoria Police recognises Aboriginal, LGBTI, Disability, Mental Health, Multi cultural (including New and Emerging), Seniors and Youth as Priority Communities. The Service Delivery team proactively and reactively support effective community engagement for Priority communities with a focus on co-productive approaches to problem solving. The Service Delivery team also ensure effective communication between operational policing and strategic engagement across the priority community portfolios.

Charles is well recognised for his practical field application of conflict analysis, sustainable conflict resolution and community development. His focus is the development of co-productive approaches between community, GOs and NGOs. He is an active Rotary Peace fellow who engages in projects locally, nationally and internationally. He is also active in recruiting future Rotary Peace fellows and has returned to the Rotary Peace Centre at Chulalongkorn to lead discussions on security sector reform, gun control and multi-sector collaboration.