Charles F. Dambach


Chic Dambach’s memoir, Exhaust the Limits, the Life and Times of a Global Peacebuilder, describes a lifetime of dedication to peace - from anti-war activist and Peace Corps Volunteer in the 1960s through leadership of the National Peace Corps Association in the 1990s and later as president of the Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP). Along with Congressman John Garamendi, he helped the leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea agree to end their border war, and he played a similar role with leaders of the primary rebel groups and the government in the Democratic Republic of Congo leading to a coalition government and elections. At AfP, he developed a global network of organizations and professionals to help build sustainable peace and security worldwide, and he led the initiative to incorporate the peacebuilding concept into the public policy lexicon. He serves on the boards of the Institute for Economics and Peace, International Peace and Security Institute, Alliance for Peacebuilding, and Middle East Peace Working Group. He is a Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow and adjunct faculty at both Johns Hopkins University and American University. He lectures regularly at universities and conferences worldwide, including the 2015 Rotary International Peace Symposium in Sao Paulo. In 2015, he was inducted into the Oklahoma State University College of Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame.