Dr. Andrea Shields

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Dr. Shields’ primary professional roles have been as a college professor, a clinical and forensic psychologist, a business consultant and a life and executive coach. All of these professions involve facilitating change and growth, understanding and transformation in individuals, groups and communities. A published author and poet, her publications and presentations cover a wide range of topics that pertain to improving the quality of individual and community life through personal change, healing, conflict resolution and service. She has specifically presented at Peace and Conflict Resolution Symposiums and Conferences as well as at conferences addressing workplace conflict issues.

A twenty-four year Rotarian, Rotarian Shields is a past president, has served at district, zone and international levels. She has been to India and Mexico on National Immunization Days and volunteered on numerous other international as well as community projects. Thus Dr. Shields integrates real life experience with theoretical perspectives to enable her audience to apply her presentation to their lives.