Hideko Tamura

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Hideko Tamura Snider, BCD, ACSW, now retired, was a child in Hiroshima when the city was destroyed by the explosion of the atomic bomb. She later came to the US and earned her BA in Sociology and an MA in a joint 4 year graduate program for Social Work from the University of Chicago and Church & Community from McCormick Theological Seminary. She worked in adoption and foster care for the Chicago Child Care Society, supervised in Adult Psychiatry at the Northwestern University Medical School and was responsible for social work support for the Radiation Oncology of the University of Chicago Hospitals before retiring to Southern Oregon. While employed, she also maintained private practice in psychotherapy and in cross-cultural communications for the business community. She has lectured extensively in the US and in the UK. She is a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Medford, Oregon and served on the Multicultural Commission for the city of Medford.

She chairs an NPO, O.S.D (One Sunny Day) Initiatives, working for international peace and collective healing. She has organized and taken the Rogue Valley Peace Choir for concerts in Kyoto, Kobe and in the Peace Park in Hiroshima for the 61st anniversary of the bomb in 2006.

Her publications include When a Peace Tree Blooms, 2013; One Sunny Day, by Open Court Publisher, 1996; “Hiroshima Memories” Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, May 1995; “Hiroshima Remembrances” Asian Weekly, August 1996 and others.