Ike Khamisani

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Ike M.I. KHAMISANI joined United Nations Association more than twenty five years ago as founding member after serving in Calcutta Civil Defense, LEO CLUB, LIONS CLUB, JAYCEES and ROTARY. Throughout his career he served at various key positions and lead delegation to international event including UN’s DPI/NGO, WFUNA (World Federation of United Nations’ Association). He is currently Chapter’s Representative and Member Board of Executive Committee of Southern California Division since 2008. He became President of Inland Empire in 2009. He has continuously been elected on these positions till date.

In his long and active association of over 35 years with HUMANITARIAN organizations locally and internationally, he organized remarkable events/projects engaging community from different walks of life. He held events like on Adopt a Minefield, World Refugee day, World Health day, Earth day, UN Day, Human rights day, International Women’s Day, Israel/Palestine conflict, Millennium Development Goals, My World Post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals, Peace festival between INDIA and Pakistan, Prisoners’ rights, Disabled rights, International Red Cross/Crescent Society, Kidney donation drive, Eye camps, and participated in Congresses, Conferences, Workshops, Seminars with renown International and local organization etc., etc.

His RENOWNED resolution on Israel/Palestine Conflict was passed and approved in UNA National Convention of 2009 which became USA state department policy document. In recognition and appreciation he was awarded with title of DIPLOMATE for his skilled direction of the Chapter’s and the division’s outstanding Human Rights Policy resolutions composite: “ SELF DETERMINATION OF PEOPLES” at the National Convention, Advocacy Policy Adoption Session, and for his LEAD position in the chapter and division. He earned AMBASSADOR OF GOODWILL AND PEACE awards for organizing PEACE FESTIVAL and for his effort defuse the war and in attaining peace between India and Pakistan. He has earned title of AMBASSADOR from UNA-USA besides, numerous Awards from UNA such as

1. “EXCEPTIONAL DIPLOMACY AWARD” by UNA-USA SoCal division on the 65TH Anniversary of UN.




5. “UNA LEGACY AWARD” on the 70th Anniversary of UN by UNA-USA.

Besides above he has earned many other awards from other organizations as well globally throughout his career, specially following:

“Civilian Award of Merit” bestowed with the rank and grade of “Commander of Merit of the Companionate” of Merit by HOSPITALLER ORDER OF THE SAINT LAZARUS OF JERUSALEM.

His highest achievement was

“THE PRESIDENT’S CALL TO SERVICE AWARD “for his Volunteer HUMANITARIAN / COMMUNITY service from President of the United States of America in 2013.

He served on key positions of various organizations and their committees including of UNA-USA.

·      Co Chairman of HAITI Earthquake RELIEF,

·      Convener of Pakistan Earthquake and Flood RELIEF;

·      Chairman TURKEY earthquake RELIEF.

He is an active and dedicated born HUMANITARIAN and has maintained throughout his career, the vision and family’s generation old belief of “SERVICE TO HUMANITY IS SERVICE TO GOD”.

He is co founder of Globcal International, a membership cooperative, non-profit International organization and research development commission of independently recognized goodwill ambassadors from embassies, states, cities, and international organizations.