Jamil Simon

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Jamil is President of Spectrum Media, a media production and communications consulting firm he founded over 40 years ago. He produces and directs documentary films and educational videos and designs DVDs and web media. Jamil is also a consultant in development communications and has worked in over 20 countries around the world promoting social, environmental and economic reform. 

Jamil is currently in pre-production on a documentary film about peacebuilding in Burundi called “Fragile Island of Peace.” He has made several award-winning documentary films on a range of subjects including hunger in America, solar energy, nutrition and health. His films have been broadcast on PBS and commercial TV stations, and have been shown in schools, colleges, and other venues.

Since 1990, Jamil has been designing and implementing communication programs in developing countries. He worked in Haiti for 11 months following the quake on communications to support the recovery effort. He has developed public awareness programs to support sustainable agriculture in Malawi, land tenure in the Central African Republic, water conservation in Tunisia, and conflict resolution education in Jordan. He has also worked on economic reform projects in Nigeria, Tunisia, Poland and Indonesia. He continues to work in Haiti on communications at all levels of government, from the Presidency to local mayors. 

As an expert in development communications, Jamil has given talks on innovative ways to reach audiences in developing countries at a variety of institutions, including Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, the BU School of Public Health, USAID, and several development firms–DAI, ARD, MSH and Chemonics.

Specialties: Documentary Film Production, Consultant in Development Communications. An accomplished still photographer whose work has appeared in solo and group exhibits and been published in magazines.