Kapitalina Alexeyeva

Kapa Alexeyeva is a chartered member of Yakutsk Rotary club since 1994. She served as a chartered secretary, President, Assistant Governor, District Committee Chair. In 1988 after the cold war and start of perestroika in the USSR Kapa was the first person from her city of Yakutsk to participate in Sharon Tennison’s CCI program “Russians, Meet Middle America!” and thus she became the first citizens’ Ambassador from her area. Since then Kapa became strong and devoted advocate of ideas of peace and mutual understanding between different counties and nations. She made a significant contribution in the idea of citizens diplomacy working for the city of Yakutsk to promote sister-city relations between Siberian city of Yakutsk and the Alaskan Fairbanks. More than 1000 Russian and American citizens, so called ordinary people, participated in people-to-people exchanges between the two cities: among them professionals, decision makers, University and high school students, scientists, actors, builders, housewives… In 1994 she was one of key persons who started in Yakutsk Rotary club which last September celebrated the 20-th birthday. Later on Kapa became IREX Representative in the Republic of Sakha, also through PEP program of CCI she helped Yakutian entrepreneurs to have internships and training in USA. It was a remarkable activity of both nations to achieve a common goal on a personal level to foster cooperation instead of confrontation, understanding instead of cold war.

An American Sharon Tennison through the activity of CCI had changed Kapa’s personal world, in her turn, Siberian Kapa Alexeyeva through her active work at IREX and PEP, through sister-city activity and Rotary had influenced the lives of a great number of citizens who live in her city of Yakutsk.

Kapa actively participated at a number of Rotary Peace Forums beginning from the first one in 1995 in Anchorage (Alaska). She was an invited speaker at a number of District Conferences in the US and Canada, in her speech talking how to create peace and mutual understanding, how to support better friendly relationships between the two former superpowers.

Kapa lives in Yakutsk – the capital city of Sakha (Yakutia) Republic in the Far North of the Russian Federation, for 50 years she is married to Nikolay who is a researcher in oil and gas problems, they have 2 children – son and daughter, 2 grandchildren.