Shirley Zink

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In 1998 Shirley Zink helped Pastor Jim Kok found the Care & Kindness Conference at the Cathedral. She directed that event for 7 years.  She founded the Simple Acts of Care & Kindness, Inc. non-profit in 1998. The Board consists of the Mayor of Corona, School Board President, Assistant DA for Riverside County, school counselors, local business owners, students and Craig & Debbie Bourne.

The World Kindness Youth Conference is celebrating its 12th year. The conference brings over 4000 4th graders where they hear speakers and have activities that help them handle bullying, compassion for others and how to make their world a better place.  This year they are adding a Middle School Conference to the schedule.

Last year Shirley Zink received the National Anti-bullying Award from the National School Safety Alliance.